Our Mission

Platinum Boards brings to you a unique way of everyday travel. Platinum Board also known as monorover or self balancing board offers enjoyable short distance travel meeting the innovative advancements of the 21st century. This product has become increasingly popular among all ages of society including: children, youth, young adults and mid-age individuals. With famous celebrities such as Justin Biebar, Chris Brown, Jamie Fox, Karim Benzema, Kendall Jenner and others providing positive feedback for the product, it is one not be overlooked. We hold a competitive advantage over others such as Phunkee Duck and IOHawk. With strong logistics and manufacturing we are able to price our products significantly lower than the competition. We offer a wide range of product choices with size, color and style options. Also, all products include product warranty and express shipping with an estimated delivery between 5-7 days. With Christmas around the corner, this product would make a great present for your kids, grandchildren or friends. Don’t wait order your Platinum Board today!

If you have any further questions you can contact us at customerservice@platinumboards.com

Our Clients

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